I’ve had to read this prayer a lot this summer: You are good and you are powerful. You have chosen to love me and promised to continue loving me — no matter what. You are with me in valleys and on low days when nothing seems in focus. You are an anchor for my soul.… Read More Security

Love letter

Dear to me Daughter, You have a soul that flits and flutters, feels and freezes, pulses slowly and rails against the walls of the cage it rests in. And you sit in a world full of evil selfishness and violent deceit and plastic shortcuts — wondering “where oh where is that soul of mine?” Even… Read More Love letter

All is bright

This year Christmas lights are speaking to me. About Advent. Light casting out darkness. Light leading us home. Christmas lights celebrating freedom from fear.   Emmanuel Emmanuel. Red and green — you’re accepted. Blue blinking icicles — you’re loved. Clean floodlight glow — you’re home.  So let go and smile sometimes and step into curiosity and… Read More All is bright

Oh honey

   Simplicities. Like sunlight through an amber honey jar. A warm glow. Remembering then that it should be raw and local, for reasons that have something to do with health and allergies and the value of small business. Wondering then about honey bees, and trying to call to mind just how endangered they really are.… Read More Oh honey