My name is Mallory and I’m a writer person living in Ohio. My hope for this blog is to share bits and pieces of my life; To celebrate the good and find potential in everything.

I love flowers, friendship, shoes, coffee and dessert. These things alone are definitely worth celebrating.

Every day I try to follow to the God of the universe who created me and everything I know to be good. I can’t imagine disregarding God’s love for me. I love people, but none of them are perfect, and trusting in God and his perfection makes sense to me. People let each other down all day long, but God promises he won’t let me down — and he is the only one perfect enough to keep a promise that huge.DSC_0062


One thought on “About

  1. Dear Mallory,
    I just started my Saturday morning by reading your blog! What a great start to my day. I am actually inspired to take note of what is around me right at this very moment and not stress over my “to do” list. In fact, perhaps I will re-name it today…my “get to do” list.
    Love you bunches!
    Aunt Darla

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