I’ve had to read this prayer a lot this summer:

You are good and you are powerful. You have chosen to love me and promised to continue loving me — no matter what. You are with me in valleys and on low days when nothing seems in focus. You are an anchor for my soul. My worth rests in you. I’m not worth more when I’m great, and I’m not worth less when I’m afraid. You are steadfast. You are constant. You hold the universe in your hands, and you see my cells divide. Your love is sacrificial. Your love is complete — lacking nothing. Your love wakes me up in the morning and patiently waits when I fight to get out of bed. Your love is strong — when I reside in your love, I can be stronger too. You wouldn’t ignore me or change me if you could create all over again. You love spending time with me. You love me even when I focus on my insecurities rather than you. I trust this love. Amen.


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