Love letter

IMG_0858Dear to me Daughter,

You have a soul that flits and flutters, feels and freezes, pulses slowly and rails against the walls of the cage it rests in.

And you sit in a world full of evil selfishness and violent deceit and plastic shortcuts — wondering “where oh where is that soul of mine?” Even now, sitting in the sun with an iced latte and a clever journal on a paid holiday — you struggle to keep your eyes open.

But girl, you have a soul. It longs to be with me. To be filled with what I have to offer. I died for you. Peace is possible. Vivid life and redemption are possible. 

Because the context here is this: You can take refuge in me. I am in heaven ruling from a throne of perfect power. I love you. I love righteousness. You will see my face.


Your Father. 


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