Little lists

Some days you need to beat the blues by making a little list of wonderful things that bring a big smile to your face.

For example:
Sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches.
Foamy lattes.
Afternoon light in autumn.
Pad Thai.
Horse noses.
Jim from The Newsroom.
Rains that remind me of Beatrix Potter.
Mindy Kaling.
Elle magazine.
Geography and maps.
When anyone sings Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” and inserts my name into the chorus.
The golden yellow wildflowers that grow everywhere in late summer.
Ground hogs running.
Finding the most excellent gift for a friend.
Personality testing.
Saving touchstones.
Earl gray and the smell of bergamot.
Anthony Bourdain.
Really specific memories. Like sleeping on my flannel penguin sheets and the layouts of old friends’ houses and the taste of French fries from my grandma’s restaurant.
Stacked books on my nightstand.
Running into Rite Aid for one thing and spending $30.
A fluffy white bed.

See? Better mood already.

xo, Mallory


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