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Authenticity has been on my mind a lot lately. It’s one of those ideals that everyone roots for in theory, but it’s hard to come across on a daily basis. I’ve started scouting it out. Mentally highlighting and underscoring glimpses of sincerity as they slip into the everyday.

It seems easier to integrate authenticity into my life on a small, moment-by-moment scale. Am I being genuine right now? How about now? What is motivating me right this instant? Is this contrived? Is this? 

So here’s a self-inventory. What is my life like right now? Let’s practice.


planning: on starting an art journal this month.
making: little memories.
drinking: fewer lattes, more iced coffee. It’s cheaper.
reading: 1 Corinthians, Wildwood Chronicles and back issues of The New Yorker.
wanting: more discipline. More balance. More courage.
looking: forward to summer!
playing: music just a little bit louder in the car. It’s helping me be less uptight.
wasting: energy by worrying about things I can’t control.
imagining: what insanely cool things are in store for my GoCommunity students.
ruminating: on words like create, equip, embolden.
enjoying: really fun, beautiful friendship.
waiting: for a Ron Weasley.
liking: grad school.
wondering: where school will take me.
loving: my new clogs and this floral skirt that is 50% Olsen twin and 50% Mennonite.
hoping: peace settles on the people I love.
marveling: at the flowers and clouds and springtime.
needing: motivation to run. Or walk even.
learning: about humility all day everyday.
wearing: a Jackson polar bears tshirt and sweatpants from the eighth grade.
noticing: pieces of wisdom tucked in songs.
knowing: that my dreams are changing.
thinking: about going to bed without washing my face. Don’t worry, I’ll wash it. I’m just thinking about it.
bookmarking: shoes. More shoes than I could ever need.
opening: my eyes (and hopefully closing my mouth).
giggling: at this amazing Kourtney quote I wrote down from a few weeks ago – “I’ve had more than 5 chicken salad sandwiches from Circle K in my life. Go ahead, put that on my gravestone.”
feeling: excited for tomorrow. thankful. tired.

xo, Mal

Post Inspired by Bridget, who was inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by pip.



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