Library life

For one of my current jobs, I read children’s books with a third grader five days a week. Sometimes before returning the books to their shelf, I snap pictures of of my favorite illustrations.

IMG_3575IMG_3571 IMG_3570   IMG_3560

The stories in these books are crazy and improbable, but I’m never outraged by their silliness. Rather than thinking, “That could never happen in real life,” I read and think, “How fun is this!” or “That’s hilarious and excellent.”

These books are appealing as an adult because they require me to use my imagination and suspend my disbelief for a moment. Cynics and pessimists might not fare well with books about stubborn pidgeons with dreams of driving a bus or a family that receives 365 penguins through the mail (one for every day for a year obviously). But I like them because they give me a chance to breathe. To put practicality aside and accept adventure.


I think part of our purpose in life is to embrace each day as an adventure with a mission. Life might feel like an endless Russian novel or an English classic that’s hard to get through — But I want to take on today like it’s a Children’s book. I’m going to encounter difficulty, but I’m going to dream big and find my way through the adventure.


Happy Wednesday!

xo, Mallory


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