All is bright

Christmas time has come and gone. This December we decorated two trees and I made garland out of paper straws. It seemed perfectly festive to wear glitter nail polish every single day and I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” on more than one occasion. A friend and I might have performed the Sister Sister duet from “White Christmas” more than once too

In college Christmas break felt like a whirlwind — I had to see everyone a certain number of times before returning to Oxford for spring semester — and I never felt like I managed that time well. Now all of the out of town visitors are coming to me, and I’ve loved meeting up with everyone. Ally from LA, Alyse and Danny from Oxford, Landon and Erin from W.Virgina, Beth from Cincinnati and Jill from Columbus. Plus all of the family and friends who are here year round. I went on exciting adventures and played one million hands of euchre. I went to Christmas parties and handed out my first CD of Christmas songs. I’ve congratulated five of my friends on engagements in the last month and a half (which is simultaneously joyous and terrifying), and lamented my own singleness for yet another holiday season. 

The last couple of weeks have been wonderful, but this year Christmas definitely felt different. I learned a little more about advent and anticipation. I felt more hopeful than I remember feeling in a long time. After the festivities on Dec. 25 began to slow down, I waited for that small hollow feeling to creep into the pit of my stomach — the annual feeling signaling the end of Christmas which makes you wonder if the excitement of the last month was really just hype and optimism.

But the feeling didn’t settle in for me this year. In its place, I felt a new glimmer of hope. A realization that the anticipation doesn’t end when the twinkle lights disappear. Christmas is the beginning, and restoration is not only possible — it’s promised. TreeCleveland picklecocoa&cardsimage (8)

xo, Mal


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