Why bunting?

Bunting and banners are hung when something is worth celebrating. Today felt dreary, so I’m digging deep to find some small victories deserving of bunting.
1.) I woke up late but still made it to work on time.
2.) My polka dot flats aren’t too much with my new polka dot blouse.
3.) I think my midterm went well! I was nervous that I wouldn’t even have time to finish, but it turned out better than expected.
4.) I had a pumpkin latte with breakfast and a coconut latte in the afternoon — and I’ve never been more thankful for the latte in general.
5.) Somehow I had time to read a handful of heartwarming articles, a chapter in a challenging book and click through the Emmy best dressed list. Now if only I could muster up some enthusiasm for this ethics textbook.
6.) I had a few good laughs.
7.) The sun rose and set. I had plenty of food to eat, water to drink and a warm place to work and sleep.
8.) The one who listens to my troubles isn’t ever overwhelmed or worn out. I’m never inconveniencing him or bringing him down.
9.) The Lorde single was on the radio 100 times.
10.) Monday is over.

Xo, Mal


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