The Mark of Zorro

I spent Saturday night at The Roxy with my parents watching a silent movie from 1920.
The movie played on 16mm film while a pianist followed along, making up the score as he went. I liked hearing the whir of the projector in our tiny theater.

Here are some of the take-aways from my first viewing of “The Mark of Zorro:”
-Humor can be timeless.
-When faced with a bad guy or a bad situation, there is usually a middle ground between doing nothing and demolishing everything.
-It’s important to have good friends you can count on.
-Don’t underestimate anyone. Even if they are into magic tricks and require a lot of naps like Don Diego.
-There is no excuse for getting caught by the bad guy when you leave the door wide open so he can find you! At least try to avoid trouble! Damsels shouldn’t create their own distress!

We had fun and it was really nice to see people in the community come out for such a different event. Little towns can be cool.

xo, Mal


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