More than a list

Sometimes busy days fill up busy weeks and it’s easy to treat your whole busy life like one giant to-do list.

When this happens, things get done but nothing is very fun.

Yesterday I was reminded that life is worth getting EXCITED over. It’s nice to look at a list of to-dos and see opportunities to look forward to, rather than agenda items I-VIII.

And sometimes, when you scrap the list altogether, you find excitement without even trying. I walked into last weekend without any real plans, and it filled itself up with cool little surprise trips down memory lane. Leslie and I watched home videos. Mom and I sorted through closets, which were pretty much time capsules.

Then all of my cousins were (not only in the same state at the same time!) all at grandma’s pool eating chicken strips. It was practically 1997.

This week has a few big things in store that I’m looking forward to, and I think it will make the more mundane tasks on my list suck a little less.

xo, Mallory


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