Winding down

I can’t believe summer is nearly over. Today was so warm and beautiful outside, but I kept thinking “ugh this is going to be over soon and I’ve missed most of it…”

I’ve also been thinking things like: “I barely swam!” “My tan went away 30 seconds after vacation!” “I need to wear my summer clothes!” “And play tennis!” “Ughhhh!”

But in the spirit of optimism, I’ve decided to list some things I’m looking forward to as fall rolls into town:

1.) school
School starts soon and I’m pumped. I have my books ready and my paperwork finished. I’m trying not to be a dork about it, but I realllyyyy want to go get some new pens and notebooks too.
2.) TV
Yes I know it’s incredibly American and sedentary, but I’m ready for my shows to come back on. Mindy! Nashville! I learned to appreciate this summer’s Friends reruns, but it’s time for something new.
3.) hot coffee
I’m hoping as temperatures drop in the next few months, I won’t feel the need to ice my coffee all the time. Again, this sounds pretty American/sedentary, but leaving my coffee un-iced will free up loads of time in the morning.
4.) leaves
Fall leaves are the best. They’re reminders that change can be beautiful, and also necessary for new growth. Plus, I love the atmosphere that comes with cooler weather and crunchy leaves.
5.) clothes
Earlier I mentioned that I wished I’d gotten more wear out of my summer clothes (it’s tricky when you work in an office that doubles as a deep freezer year round), but fall clothes are so much better. No one looks good in shorts. We need jeans! Also layers! As an added bonus, belly shirts will go away. This is a true cause for celebration! The playing field is leveled a bit in the fall/winter months because everyone’s figure looks about the same in a sweater.

That being said, let’s enjoy our last bits of summer.

“Hold summer in your hand, pour summer in a glass, a tiny glass of course, the smallest tingling sip, for children; change the season in your veins by raising glass to lip and tilting summer in.” -Ray Bradbury

xo, Mal


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