Wedding weekend

This weekend felt like a TLC wedding show marathon. Friday I had a rehearsal dinner for a wedding on Saturday. Then Sunday was another wedding and reception for two of my other friends.

Both weddings were incredibly fun. I made a few new friends, danced like a dork with people I haven’t seen in years and learned to do the wobble. We even had a chance to explore an outstanding tree house, complete with climbing ropes, slides and a roller coaster.

The ceremonies and receptions were almost exact opposites . One was formal with a church and organ, while the other was outdoors by a country pond. One bride and groom hopped into a 50’s Chevy convertible with red interior on their way to the photo session at a beautiful stone monument. The other couple took their wedding party in a pink school bus that had been converted into a convertible through a hilly orchard for pictures.

Even though the decor and setting varied between the two, these couples were so excited to dedicate themselves to the full deal. They want to love each other as God loves us. They want to wake up every day and choose to treat their husband or wife in a loving, encouraging, honest, patient way. And then to make that choice 100,000,000 x’s over and over again.

I thought both weddings were beautiful (Congrats to the Burns’ and the Fostyk’s!) and I’m so happy that they chose to let me be a part of it all.
While I’m still 3million miles away from a wedding of my own, I felt a little inspired when it was all said and done. After a weekend of watching people embrace commitment with such fervor and determination and joy, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

xo, Mallory






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