These days my to-do list items are more interesting than ever: proofread a friend’s play, grab coffee with high school students, write prose-poems for my aunt’s art show, make cupcakes, go to work, order text books, arrange interviews for the magazine, find dresses for weekend weddings….

Not to mention the things I should do but don’t even bother adding to the list, i.e. laundry.

I feel a little like Lowly the Worm from Richard Scarry’s “What do people do all day?” I’m running around in my red car (I think Lowly’s was an apple) as the world zips around me in all directions — everything is busy, busy, busy.

While my routine may be a random patchwork, I’m still feeling more grateful than stressed. My life is full, and I’m excited to see where these little things lead.

But tomorrow I do want to start focusing more intentionally on the tasks at hand. With so much happening at once, I need to make sure I’m doing good work.

xo, Mallory


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