Black and white


This week has been filled with all kinds of outstanding conversations: Long conversations over $1 ice cream and during a tennis match. Old fashioned heart-to-hearts with a friend living in the big city and with my mom from across the living room. Delirious small talk while trapped on the top floor of a parking garage and scattered laughs during a unexpected theme party. 

 Weird as it seems, these conversations and people are helping bolster the confidence I need to make plans and decisions about my future. Uncertainty doesn’t seem so bad knowing that these people are standing alongside me. 

Some answers aren’t black and white. Today a friend reminded me that while taking a plunge and committing to something is scary, it’s powerful and important too. If I only did the things in life that I knew were perfect and painless, I’d be continuously watching Harry Potter movies and having far fewer adventures. 


xo, Mallory 


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