Royal baby

William and Kate welcomed their beautiful baby boy into the world this week, and the UK was pumped. While I’m not British, I’ll admit that I loved following the Tweets and news updates about the #RoyalBaby. Babies are wonderful and who doesn’t love a brand new prince?

Today I intently watched CNN’s live stream as William and Kate introduced us to the newest member of the royal family. Kate looked beautiful. I love that they color coordinated (a baby blue dress for her and a button-down for him). They made cute chit-chat with a few reporters, and the baby was all tiny and squishy — just as a newborn should be. They placed him in his brand new car seat and took him home, where he will be loved and doted on, no doubt.

Later this afternoon, I came across a baby story that ends very differently:

This baby was not cared for. This baby was abandoned. It broke my heart. Today millions of people glued themselves to the screens of their TVs and phones to just catch a glimpse of the royal baby. The poor baby found in Shelby, Ohio was just as precious, just as beautiful and capable of just as much love as the royal baby born in London, but no one was cheering for him or her. No one really noticed this baby, and his or her life ended before it began. 

I don’t really have any conclusions or take-aways from this. It’s just something that hit me hard — the sobering fact that all across the globe babies aren’t being sung to sleep tonight under colorful mobiles. I hate that some of these helpless babies are in pain, in danger. Some are hungry and some won’t make it.  

I know that the world desperately needs restoring. Things are hard and complicated and not every news story has a fairy-tale-happy-ending like William and Kate’s. But I don’t want to gloss over the tragedy of the little baby in Shelby, Ohio just because it’s unpleasant to think about. I don’t ever want to become hardened or indifferent to the pain that’s out there. 

xo, Mal


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