Hasta pronto

My family and I spent last week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was unreal for a million reasons.Image

The sky and water were beautiful, rain or shine. The bay was framed by green, jungle-y mountains. The water was always warm. We sat on the beach, read books, went snorkeling, rode horses (ahem, mules…), dodged sting rays and just hung out.


Everyone we met was incredibly friendly and it made the experience that much more fun.



Dolphin swimming with my dad was one of the most exciting parts of the trip. They pulled us under water, pushed us across the pool on boogie boards and barrel rolled us in a move my dad appropriately called “the dolphin death spiral.” Dolphins are so huge and smooth and smart. They feel like the outside of a honeydew melon and they would curl up in your lap if you let them. I’m not usually an animal person, but I’m considering becoming a dolphin person. You know, the girl who has dolphin folders for school, dolphin figurines for her bookshelf and a dolphin avatar for her Twitter account.


DSCN0941DSCN0868 DSCN0887 DSCN1011

At first it was hard to do a lot of introspection/learning in the midst of all this vacationing. The first few days I was really uptight and very busy telling my family they were doing things wrong. Things turned around when I loosened up remembered how to enjoy blessings from a point of thankfulness. We had a really awesome time together.

I thought about my present and I’ve got some ideas for the future. If one of these ideas blossoms into a breakthrough, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, check out this sunset:


and this waterfall:


xo, Mal


2 thoughts on “Hasta pronto

  1. Looks like a wonderful family vacation in a beautiful spot. From one who has been with family for a month and heading into the second month, glad you were able to relax and find some time for yourself. You have to work at it but the other memories are priceless.
    My favorite picture was the seafood platter, yum!

  2. Mallory, I love your posting about your trip to Mexico! It’s all about making memories with those we love:) So glad you all went! Love, Aunt Darla

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