Tonight I had a great conversation with two friends about the images we create for ourselves through social media. We tweet our funniest thoughts, Instagram our most photogenic moments and impulsively refresh our feeds as the likes and comments pour in. 

We look for affirmation from friends, acquaintances and sometimes from strangers. In this quest for constant approval, I think we forget to search for who we really might be. Instead of figuring out what my true passions and interests are, I spend my time trying to convince you that I’m a passionate, interesting person.

A guy named Steven Furtick Tweeted this in May: “One reason we struggle w/ insecurity: we’re comparing our behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.”

I bet we wouldn’t compare ourselves to others as often if we all posted a little more of our reality and a little less of our carefully crafted image. We might not be so jealous of each other either. 

To illustrate, here is an Instagram photo of my tea, which I’m drinking in my cozy, quirky bedroom. I needed this tea after a long day of thoughtful writing at my desk:


I also want to share an honest picture of the same tea sitting on a table in my cozy (small), quirky (insanely messy, borderline hoarding situation), bedroom (in my parents’ basement). I needed this tea because I’m hungry but don’t want to eat at 11 p.m., and I hope this tea will trick my body into being satisfied: 


I want us all to be encouraged. Life isn’t perfect, but it is beautiful. And while I love scrolling through my Instagram as much as the next lady, I want to let everyone know: just because you aren’t standing in front of a sunset with a latte in one hand and a bouquet of wildflowers in the other, doesn’t mean your life isn’t a meaningful adventure.

xo, Mallory  

ed. note: For the sake of transparency, the tea didn’t work. Shortly after midnight I decided to eat hummus while standing in the dark kitchen wearing my bathrobe. 


One thought on “#tbh

  1. Mallory, my life. Coffee at night followed by the food I meant to eat all along!

    also your bedroom is still cute, even messy 🙂

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