I am a child

This is an actual piece of mail I sent today. The recipient of this letter is not a 5-year-old or a circus performer, and yet these stickers felt like a good choice. My pen pal is in for a treat!

I like writing letters because its forces me to reflect on the last few weeks and plot out the highlights and low-points. Recognizing where I’ve been makes it a teeny tiny bit easier to chart the next step.

xo, Mallory


One thought on “I am a child

  1. You are so right about certain things just “fitting”…like the circus stickers. How blessed we are to have som many friends and family that we can be ourselves with. Oops, never end a sentence with a preposition. Does that writing rule still apply? And, what about dot dot dot, whem my mind can’t seem to find a stopping place?

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