Cooking club

Today a few friends and I started our “cooking club.” It’s not much of a club, but we’re planning to cook one meal together every week until we are skilled domestics. I forgot to photograph the actual cooking process, but I did manage to grab a few important moments from the afternoon. kb cooler

Firstly, Kourtney fits into this cooler. I came outside and she was hiding in it. Also, how does she look radiant while emerging from a cooler?

pigpinwheelStephanie’s house is the closest thing to adulthood that any of us know. She has kitchen equipment and “go-to-spices” and is trying to grow her own peppers. Her patio decor matches. I found this pig pinwheel in her petunias.

StephWe didn’t make dessert but went to Dairy Queen so they could make it for us instead. It might be a few weeks before Food Network approaches us with a tv show offer, but I’m not ruling it out just yet.

xo, Mallory


4 thoughts on “Cooking club

  1. A “cooking club” sounds like a great thing to do! Some “Auntie” advice would be to go every other week or once a month to get started. Why? I have been in various groups, clubs, studies and sometimes less is more. I guess what I mean, is you want to make sure and keep it something that everyone looks forward to and not an obligation. Do you know what I mean?

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