Gilded Saturday

Today I practiced my Spanish, painted things gold and found a book of vintage paper dolls on a quick thrift trip with my mom. I even crossed a few not-so-glamourous tasks off of my to-do list (i.e. filling out forms, writing formal letters, eating fruit, bleh, etc.). Feeling productive can be such a mood-lifter.

Now that the dust is settling from a busy day, I’m glad to report that this busy-ness wasn’t the bad kind  (sometimes I keep myself busy because I feel more valuable when I’m cranking out results; productivity = self-worth, that sort of thing). Today was a good day of rest and thought. Thank goodness.

gilded I gilded II gilded III


3 thoughts on “Gilded Saturday

  1. I love adventures to, well, most anywhere…but thrift shops, antique stores, and book stores hold the most allure. Especially, when I have lots of time to roam. Ahhhh…

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