Parking lots



Recently I’ve been spotting these metallic, fringe-y decorations everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean that I mostly find them lining used car lots and do-it-yourself car washes. I don’t know why they never registered for me before, but now I spot them like a bird-watcher.

Strange as it seems, some days these shiny garlands are the prettiest thing I see. I love them. They catch the sunlight, they shimmy when the wind blows. I want to line my house with them but I haven’t plucked up the courage to ask the guy at the car wash where he buys his garlands.

They bring even the dumpiest parking lot one step closer to glamourous. Sometimes when I feel stuck in one place like those used cars on the lot,  it’s nice to festoon my surroundings with something beautiful to make the most of my wait too.

They look like a party and remind me to celebrate — even on gray days when my outfit is dumb and I can’t do anything right and I’m hungry because I agreed to do a weird crash diet/cleanse with my friend Steph. Glitzy streamers tell me that gray day things probably aren’t as bad as they seem.

Some days are darker than gray. And on those days, maybe the car lot fringe is inappropriate. I get that. Maybe in moments like that, it’s best to hope for a better, banner-worthy day in the near future. To remember times when you felt like celebrating something, and trusting that feeling will return soon.




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